The Consortium Strategy and Innovation is dedicated to the development of competitive strategies and the commercialization of innovate products and services for companies of the Canadian economy in new technological contexts.

The Consortium realizes projects under various forms as plans of actions, studies, projects of support and execution. These projects contribute to the diffusion of product and services innovations in a North-American and international perspective. In the realization of its activities, the consortium works with economic development partners such as trade associations, departments and government agencies.


Our mission

To contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of Canadian companies by developing and implementing successful competitive strategies and the diffusion of innovations through:

  • The establishment of international programs of research and business intelligence;
  • The identification and the diffusion of strategies and successful business models;
  • The support in the elaboration of strategic and business plans and successful implementation;
  • The organization of support program with SME’s allowing creating an effect of training for companies.

Our domains of specialization

  • Competitive strategies of market and export.
  • Commercialization of products and innovative services.
  • Executive coaching.
  • Best strategic practices.
  • Strategic diagnosis and preparation of strategic plan and business plans.
  • Setting-up of measure of support with SME’s of the industry

Our partners and associate networks

  • School of Management of Alliant International University (California).

Our philosophy

  • We work on the realization of projects having a structuring effect for the companies of a business sector of the Canadian economy.

Our contribution to your objectives

Track and diffuse successful models in the Canadian economy by business sector

  • Identify the strategies of successful business of Canadian companies.
  • Diffuse and communicate Canadian business successes in printed and electronic Medias and business publications.

Know the transformations of market needs

  • Identify the impacts of demographic, technological, sociopolitical, regulatory and economic drivers on business.
  • Capture strategic opportunities of development.

Specify the best world strategic practices of the leaders of market

  • Study best strategic practices of the world leaders to implement them.
  • Describe these practices and transfer them to the industry.

Survey and study competitive strategies and as well as their success factors with Canadian companies

  • Study the competitive strategies of market on the international markets.
  • Evaluate and transfer their conditions of success to Canadian companies.

Analyze the transformations in the structure of the industry and its consequences on the positioning of Canadian companies

  • Make strategic diagnoses of the position of the Canadian companies, in the light of the changes on the international markets.
  • Propose scenarios and avenues of development to generate revenues.

Facilitate the implementation of clear objectives of development and assistance to the implementation of development plans

  • Prepare development plans in association with the industry.
  • Supply assistance to the formulation of government policies of support for the industry based on the experience of industrialized countries.

Conceptual framework for strategic analysis

  1. Strategic context
    • Socio-demographic changes.
    • Technological and economic changes.
    • Socio-political changes and regulation.
  2. Strategic diagnosis of the industry
      • Transformation of the structure of the industry and the positioning of the players.
      • Evaluation of the strategic positioning of the Canadian industry.
      • Evaluation of the government policies of support.

    • Competitive strategies and commercialization
      • Development and execution of the successful competitive strategies.
      • Identification and setting-up of new business models.
      • Development of the strategies of successful generic business for a region or a country.
      • Implementation of networks of business and channels of complementary business with suppliers and distributors.
    • Coaching and support and implementation
      • Assistance in the execution and implementation of the strategy and the commercialization.
    • Performance
      • Evaluation of performance indicators (ROE and ROA) by comparing with foreign companies with a focus on innovation etc.