Compétitivité nord-américaine

Le programme de MBA-cadres appelé Compétitivité Nord-américaine avec l’École des sciences de la gestion de l’UQAM et l’École de gestion de l’Université Alliant International University de la Californie et les universités mexicaines UDLAP et UBC. Ce programme réalise des missions pour ses partenaires que sont Bombardier, Wal-Mart et la multinationale scandinave Cooper. Le lien suivant présente Le programme

Descriptif du programme:

The North American Competitiveness (NAC) program takes students through the process of cross-border development, focusing on (but not exclusive to) the clean-tech industry, and on the three North American economies of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The program is operated by:

  • Alliant International University (San Diego Campus)
  • Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP)
  • Université du Québec a Montréal (UQAM)

Graduate MBA Students from all three countries come together over a 3-week intensive program, working on consulting for top management teams. Meetings are scheduled in the three countries with both businesses, academic, government and non-government expertise, as well as lectures, intensive group work and online instruction.

In addition, the program exposes students to a series of lectures by industry experts, business visits, and a series of comprehensive consulting projects that challenge the students to develop business ventures within the legal, social, economic and political framework of the North American nations.

Our focus is to engage with businesses who want to use our expertise in order to assist them with a new development:

  • In the context of working within North America;
  • Related to uses of the clean-tech industry;
  • With companies interested in pursuing new projects that would benefit from preliminary consultancy and investigation.

For 2011, we have engaged with 3 multinational corporations:

  • Bombardier (a Canadian airplane manufacturer).
  • Walmart (Mexico division of the international retailer).
  • Koppert (an international pesticide manufacturer).