The finest way to introduce the Consortium Strategy & Innovation is to present a series of projects completed by professor Sabourin:


Large-scale projects

University Cluster of Montérégie ($100,000 budget) Case study of success of companies in technology. Preparation of a transfer program to SME’s.
CEFRIO (budget of more than $100,000) Study on strategies and business models of various sectors of activity in electronic affairs to determine the winning conditions. Preparation of a transfer to the industry.

Middle-sized projects

CRIAQ (Quebec Consortium of the aeronautical research) Program for support of SME in the commercialization of products and innovative products and services.
BTLF (trade association in the book publishing industry)  

Strategic planning with an aim of marketing  technology solutions to publishers, distributors and bookstores of the chain of the book industry.

Enzyme Lab Strategic planning on game testing business realized by the request of the investment fund in the market of the video games. Study of international competition and development of competitive positioning and a strategic plan.
Quebec Crafts Council and Department of Canadian Heritage Canada Study on the competitiveness of various sectors of crafts in North American context. Sectorial profile and strategic plan.
Economic Development Canada Proposal on the strategies and the exemplary practices for the sector of the wood.


Montreal Public Transport Society Benchmarking studies with performance indicators of the main North American public transport societies
Quebec Corporation of Jewelers and Ministry of Industry, Business and the Technology (MICT) Study on the competitiveness of the industry of jewelry and silversmith’s trade of Quebec. Development and commercialization strategy in North American Context.
Quebec Craft Council, Industry Canada, Foreign Affairs and International trade, Department of Canadian Heritage Study the best world sites of e-commerce for distribution and marketing of products of crafts.
Quebec Council of Human Resources Update of the statistical information on the sector of crafts and analysis of the strategic impacts.
Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Development program to attract new corporate members and strategic partners.

University of Quebec in Montreal – Vice-chancellorship-administration finances

Study of opportunity for research center in biotechnology.
Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council of Canada Research Executive training on result-based management with executives and directors of research teams.
Ministry of  Industry, Technology and Export of the Quebec Government An assignment on business model in the e-commerce in the industry of the construction.
Laurentian Economic Development Corporation Expertise and assistance in the realization of a strategic plan.
Federation of Agricotours Preliminary analysis of a project of reservation center in the tourism industry.
Montreal Police Department (SPM) Document of orientation. Evaluation of expectations of strategic partners and main target public on the project of district police.
Vice-presidency, technology and commercialization of Hydro-Quebec Evaluation of strategies and commercial patents for management planning and valuation of technology.
Hydro-Quebec Opinion survey of various socioeconomic partners.
Federation of CLSC of Quebec Preparation of a working tool to serve as an argument to the committees of survival of the CLSC. Study of the impact of savings, and effects of the merger of establishments.
Council of the electronics industry of Quebec (CIEQ) Study of opportunities and strategies of development in Quebec software industry. Realization of an assignment.
Ministry of communication, Government of Canada Analysis of the impact of an increase in the mail price lists on the profitability and the viability of the Canadian periodicals.
Labour Canada Labor-union evaluation of training program for Canada.
Agriculture Canada Evaluation of financial support program for construction of fruits and vegetables warehouses.
Quebec Office of Professions Study of perceptions on professional corporations and the participants of the Services of Quebec Office of Professions.
National Council of Research of Canada Market study on the availability of highly qualified scientific French-speaking workforce in Canada.
Television Channel Canal Savoir (Universities Television Channel) Elaboration of a strategic plan in association with the board of directors and strategic partners.

Human Resources Development Canada


Strategic planning for the Quebec division.

Consulting Engineer Technika HBA Consulting on the organization of teams and structuring of activities.
Ministry of Governmental Services (Information technology) Canada Government Performex Program of planning execution of objectives with the managers in information technology.
Vice-presidency information technology of Quebec Liquor Board Society Performex Program of planning execution of objectives with the vice-president of information technology and his team.
Quebec Association of economic development commissioners Preparation and animation of two seminars on strategic planning and economic development. Attended by 50 participants.
Corporation of St-Hyacinthe economic development Seminar on strategies of economic development and annual assembly of board of directors.
Ministry of the Environment, Quebec Government Satisfaction survey of 11 000 employees of the ministry in relation to the continuation of administrative reforms.
McGill Hospital Center Research institute Performex Program of planning and execution of objectives with management team.
Community Department of the Gatineau Regional Hospital Centers Elaboration of an action plan.

International seminars

Seminars on competitive strategies

GlaxoSmithKline Training in business development with 450 pharmacists of Saudi Arabia in Tunisia.  Performex Program of planning and execution of the strategy.
Belgium Banks Association Seminar in international strategic management.
Banking Institute of Jordan Seminar in international strategic management.
Tunisian Professional Bankers Association Two seminars in international strategic management.
Brazilian Banks Federation Two intensive seminars of a week to São Paulo executives of banks of Brazil. Participants: 200 (two) presidents and 5 (five) vice-presidents
Professional Association of Lebanese Banks Seminars in international strategic management
Ministry of Higher Education of Guinea Seminar of management and strategic leadership at University of Conakry.

Export strategies for manufacturers

Techno-Pharma (Belgium) Study of the market and competitive strategies in the North-American Pharmacy furniture markets.
Laboratory Hedaphar (Belgium). Study of North American market and competitive strategies for products of herbal medicine.
Laboratory Martin-Private Study of North-American market and competitive strategies in the cosmetic markets.
Group Morales Business plan for a project to export building materials in Japan.
Marcas Industries (Spain) Study of the structure of market and strategies distribution in the market of household products.
Greenage-Laverdure Study of North-American market of protective clothing lines for dentists and surgeons.

Strategic planning and management

· Seminar development strategy.

Facilitation of strategic planning workshops.

Assistance in the preparation of strategic plans.

Diagnosis and evaluation strategy.


Bank of Montreal, Institute for Learning Seminar of strategic management for the Bank of Montreal.
Institute of Canadian bankers Elaboration of an intensive program for training in planning and strategic management, for a week to the bankers of Canada.

Animation of seminars of strategic management in Ontario, in the Canadian West and in Quebec, to the executives of  Royal Bank, the CIBC, Toronto Dominion and of the National Bank.

Canal Savoir TV Approach and develop a strategic plan in collaboration with the Board of Directors and strategic partners.
Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec Market development program for new customers.
Pharmacia & Upjohn Strategic planning workshop activities and marketing representation.
School of Engineering ETS Seminars concerning preparation and evaluation of business plans. Participants: Asea Brown Bovari (ABB), Proseco, Via Rail, Hydro-Quebec, Nutribec
Human resources Development Canada Initiate strategic planning for direction of strategic planning, division of Quebec.
Montreal Public Transport Society Preparation of a business plan for the electro-mechanical division.
Biotechnology Research Institute Government of Canada Animation of an initiative for planning and strategic leadership centered results with the head office and executives.
Quebec Syndicate of Farmers (UPA) Animation of seminars on planning and strategic leadership centered results with the head office and the executives.
LNB Legault Bujold Nadeau Strategic planning process for the most important accounting and French-speaking cabinet of the New Brunswick.
AXA Insurance Animation of seminars of planning centered results.
Meloche Monnex (subsidiary of the Bank Toronto – Dominion). Seminar on strategic management for change. Seminar of planning for development of the department of  human resources in executive at the annual meeting of planning.
Quebec Liquor Board Society Seminar on planning and strategic change.
Loto-Quebec Seminars on strategic planning.
Quebec Chartered professional accountants (CPA Seminars on strategic planning and business development. Speaker at the annual Conference (300 participants).
Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Strategic planning workshops.
Pharmacia & Upjohn Workshop on strategic planning of the activities of representation and commercialization.
Department of improvement Seminars concerning the preparation and the evaluation of business plans for technological companies.
Institute of Canadian bankers Elaboration of a training program in planning and strategic management for an intensive week for bankers across Canada with over a 10 year period. Animation of seminars on strategic management in Ontario, West Canadian and Quebec for bankers of the Royal Bank, the CIBC, Toronto Dominion and the National Bank
The Association of the executives of Montreal of Radio-Canada Animation of workshops with executives on the changes lived in Radio-Canada during an annual colloquium.
Department of management training, University of Quebec in Montreal Two seminars of strategic planning for public sector executives. Participants: Hydro-Quebec, C.E.C.M, Revenue Canada, Agriculture Canada


C.L.S.C. local Health and Community Centers Octave-Roussin. Evaluation of project of planning in mental health.
Auxiliary departments of the University of Quebec in Montreal. Preparation of sectorial strategic plans for the department for restoration, caterers and drinks, reprography and electronic publishing.
Quebec association of international cooperation (AQOCI). Workshop of strategic planning within framework of new orientations of Canadian International Development Agency.
Éco-Musée of Haute-Beauce.

Workshop of strategic planning for 14 centers of interpretation.

Department of management training, University of Quebec in Montreal.

Conducting Seminars on strategic planning for private sector executives. Participants: Bell Canada, Metropolitan Gas, chain of hardware stores) BMR, Movement Desjardins, Arcon, etc.

National Defense Garrison of Long Point. Conducting of Seminars on technical and commercial evaluation of projects.
Association of medical archivists.

Workshop of strategic planning with board members and executive committee.

Chair of management of the arts HEC Montreal.

Seminars on strategic planning for the leaders of arts sector bodies. Participants: museum of Fine arts (School of Fine Arts) of Canada, festivals managers, and managing directors of regional councils of the culture.

Association of the archivists of Quebec.

Surveys with members. Elaboration of a program of communication

Office of education for the adults, University of Sherbrooke

Establishment of mission of guiding principles, objectives and the structure of functioning to various Offices.

C.L.S.C. Haut-St-Maurice. Realization of an initiative formulated in strategic planning programming.
Animation of a planning workshop with employees.
Association of Canadian universities of French languages (ACDEAULF). Strategic planning with the board of directors.
National school of Public Administration (ENAP). Seminars on strategic management with the administrators of the public sector (network of the health, hospitals, municipalities and police bodies).
University of Quebec in Montreal Committee of resource management of executives of U.Q.A.M. Seminars on strategic planning for executives of U.Q.A.M. within the framework of the
elaboration of main University plan.
Office of French language. Planning Workshop within the framework of new sectorial approach used by the Officers.
C.L.S.C. High Laurentian. Planning Workshops for the participants of the psychosocial modules. Diagnosis on the functioning of the module.
Correctional Services Canada. Divisional administration and planning. An analysis of organizational administration and their methods of work Program of improvement of the productivity. Realization of an assignment

Services offered to SME’s: Market studies and strategies.
Preparation of business plans

Private enterprise Study of the demand for IT services for computer graphics.
Hotel establishment of the Laurentian Conducting a market study for the conversion of a hotel establishment into a residence for seniors.
Polymos Market study and strategy of commercialization of a product of hardware stores
Lingerie Hamilton and Bellina Study of the market of the lingerie in Canada.
A private investor Conducting a market study for a center of broadcasting production.


Unitotal-Sodisco (a large Canadian hardware distributor) Evaluating the perceptions, attitudes and the behavior of consumers of products in hardware stores.
Supremex Market study for new models of envelopes.
Sico Evaluation of the market for new forms of packaging.
Mekha group. Market study of an insurance policy for the automobile car fleets. Association of the businesswomen of Quebec.
Business Women Association. Study of markets and commercialization plan Realization of an assignment.
Private client. Study on the market of departments of credit.
Client privé Stratégie de mise en marché dans le secteur de l’horticulture
Private client. Strategy of commercialization in the sector of the horticulture.
Production Klips. Preparation of a business plan in the sector of the audiovisual production.
Private client. Strategy of commercialization for a business center.
Pro-Lav Strategy of commercialization for a range of products of cleaners.
Accounting firm. Preparation of a business plan.
Private client. Strategy of commercialization for recycling of ink cartridge.
Jewelry store. Advise in the elaboration of a business plan in the sector of jewelry.
Private client. Assistance in the preparation of a strategy to export.
Private client. Strategy of commercialization for the accounting professional departments.
Private client. Preparation of a business plan.
Private client. Strategy of commercialization for applications of fiberglass.
Foundation of arts. Elaboration of commercialization plan for art galleries and toilets – accountants.
Private client. Market study for internet departments.
Laboratory Langelier. Summary diagnosis and program for improvement of the organizational performance.
High-end clothing store. Evaluation of the perception and image of stores and communication plan. Realization of set assignment.
Chain of garments. Study of garment market categories.
Super Value Meritas: Evaluation of new concept of coupons – bonuses and premiums to consumers by means of survey.
Group of employees and private investors Study of pre-feasibility for the privatization of psychiatric services of a hospital (O.S.I.S).